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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the site take?
From the submission of the assignment, the site will be developed within 7 working days.
Where will the site be hosted?
There are 2 possibilities:

1) To be hosted with us, where you will have greater security for the speed of the site.

2) Choose the hosting of your choice and take the risks.

We recommend that our sites be hosted with us.

Will you help me with the design of the site?
If you do not have the necessary designs for the initial photo of the site and basic photos for the home page, our designer will assist in their creation.

All other photos, graphics and designs we will expect you to provide.

Why should I choose you?
We work on a well-established and time-proven system that allows us to know at any time what is the next step in creating a site.

This allows us to create sites in 7 working days.

We have experience in making beautiful websites and online stores that sell. Our clients, for whom we have made a website, earn over BGN 300,000 per month.

What is the work process?
After reaching out with us, our goal is to find out exactly what you need.
Then we describe your requirements and work on the site within 7 working days.
Is there additional support?
When we release the site, you receive a set of videos with instructions on how to change photos, texts and design on the site and update it.

There will be an opportunity for additional support for a fee.

How much does the site cost?
Our prices are individually offered for every project after we write down your requirements.
How to start working together?
It is really easy thing to do!

1) Give us a call: +359888455055

or write down an email office@tradeonweb.co.uk

2) We will talk about your requirements and needs, after that we send you a contract

3) We send you your requirements in an official document, so you are sure you will receive what we negotiated at the beginning.

4) We start work on the project.

Are you ready?

"The right decision taken with a delay turns into a mistake." - Lee Iacoca

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