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Pleasure without remorse. These are the raw healthy candies of Bosy Kitchen. Completely vegan, 100% natural ingredients, organic and super foods.

We used to take a lot of orders over the phone. Now a lot of people use the site to order and that frees us up a lot of time.

MaskPro.EU is engaged in the sale of professional protective masks with replaceable FFP3 filter. The site earned BGN 340,822 in 2 months.

Excellent work of the whole team of tradeon.bg. Their work is at the highest level. Always online for any question. They made us an online store that meets 100% of our desires. They took care of every detail, they approach with patience. We at Nezabravkaflowers recommend them.

Many thanks to the team of tradeon.bg for the meaningful and heartfelt work from which I received a perfect product.

IVB.bg is the site of Iva Balasheva, who is an HR consultant and helps businesses structure their processes.

Arma store has been taking care of its favorite customers since 2004. They have been working with a lot of love for your unique style and identity for more than 15 years. Their goal is to offer new and constantly updated selections of top models, following the latest fashion trends of world clothing brands.

Do you need diesel auto parts? They can offer you diagnostic equipment and service equipment for Common rail pumps and injectors of BOSCH, DENSO, Delphi, Siemens.

The goal of the Bulgarian Association of Professional Chefs is to raise the society-chef relations to a new level by improving the prestige and status of practicing chefs, and provides valuable assistance in relations with partners, organizations, clients and colleagues in Bulgaria and abroad.

"Crystal Service" is a company offering professional cleaning services for all your needs and requirements, in terms of the cleanliness of your home, office, catering establishment, production workshop, public or other building.

DALVITA company is a Bulgarian company, whose history begins in early 2015, as a company distributor of health and beauty products. In the last 5 years the brand has been developing on the markets in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Germany and Romania, as customers are mainly individuals.

They make and deliver bouquets of roses, combined bouquets of flowers, fresh flowers, gifts, bouquets of candies, flower figures, gift baskets, letters of flowers and other colorful temptations.

They offer professional accounting services. The rich experience gained since 2002. for the development and maintenance of accounting software FSD Analysis gives them the confidence that they can help any client who decides to trust them.

In their site you can find interesting and original gifts! At the moment, they can boast of over 1000 products and thousands of satisfied customers, increasing the number of their products every day. Do not stop trying to meet your expectations.

In Krastev watches you will find quality watches at good prices. They choose the best options for your money! Our service offers quality repairs.

The office of PEA Miroslav Kolev started its activity in 2006. with the introduction of private enforcement in the Republic of Bulgaria. Over the years, she has established herself with loyalty, professionalism and efficiency in the actions of forced realization of claims.

Our company specializes in the sale of materials for construction and repair - building materials and consumables for repair of homes, offices, roofs, facades, waterproofing, insulation, plumbing, drywall, garden, tools, bathroom and more.

They can offer you representative, stylish and intelligent hostesses and hosts in more than 15 cities in Bulgaria. They can secure your event from concept to realization - location, technical support, PR and media work, micro-influenza campaign.

They offer the only oral plasma complex for musculoskeletal regeneration that helps prevent and repair injury, improve mobility and reduce pain. Improves mobility and reduces musculoskeletal pain.

Individual software solutions for your business. They can help you create your own software to suit your needs. If you have an existing application, they could change or add new functionality.

A team of motivated specialists to meet the needs of Bulgarian employers, while ensuring safe and healthy working conditions. Perform this task by advising and assisting the employer in creating a secure work environment.

They like products made of heart and soul. Natural materials and the gifts of nature make them happy. If you love comfort and uniqueness, with them you can find the path to happiness, home, family. They like to be close to nature, to take herbs from the spring for relaxation and fullness.

Boys for loading and transporting waste. They have educated and clean workers for dismantling, removal, loading and transport of waste to a landfill. You can count on them to remove heavy waste from a high floor without an elevator.

They provide peace of mind for both drivers and their passengers. Made of durable but flexible polycarbonate material, they provide a protective barrier between drivers and their passengers, minimizing the transfer of droplets and germs from coughing, sneezing or even talking. 

X-Club organizes various outdoor activities: team building for your team, rafting, canyoning, kayaking, unforgettable children's camps, games and events, climbing, paragliding, bungee jumping and penetration into uncultivated caves.

Хипнотерапия за успех в бизнес - online with entrepreneurs, sales managers and small business owners who feel stuck and unable to reach more customers, achieve higher cash goals and increase profits.

Train with rubber bands! The main difference is that rubber bands put less strain on the joints, which means that the muscle can be loaded more with less chance of injury. This is great news for people who have suffered an injury and can't load their muscles with dumbbells like rubber bands.

They produce high-tech solutions in the field of water purification, which meet the strictest quality standards and customer requirements - the best systems for filtration, ionization, alkalization and structuring of water, for 46 years without analogue!

Aquarius bring with them over 25 years of local and national experience in construction: with a reputation for building large and unique projects and completing projects ahead of schedule and with an optimized budget.

Zhen Thepary - purification of the emotional body through dance - it is for anyone who seeks personal and emotional development by releasing the accumulated stress.

What is the relationship between health and food? Health is a top priority for everyone, but cosmetics, sports and nutrition are also important for our full life. Their desire is to help you find your good balance for health and well-being in everyday life.

The company specializes in the production, processing and trade of meat and meat products. For its production, it uses raw materials of the highest quality. The company has its own production base for processing raw meat.

B-tel is an engineering company and is a specialized in the field of: n design, development and production of innovative products and technologies , applicable in civil and military aviation, specialized communication and navigation systems and g rail signaling systems.

Pirin Pellet EOOD is a Bulgarian company with an Italian owner. Production and sale of pellets for heating class A1

Dr-sportvision offers a wide range of models with a sporty spirit, in different color combinations and sizes for every age group. 

TOPSOLAR Bulgaria is a company established with a special purpose and mission, and operating in the field of renewable energy sources, and with a focus on photovoltaic parks and systems.

Star-bg.com specializes in trade, direct import and branding of advertising textiles and advertising materials.

Maintaining the balance of the environment by destroying waste and avoiding the spread of diseases and infections from ABP, through the use of high-tech incinerators.

“Нека направим вашите сърца щастливи”

Gertech Engineering Ltd. is an official distributor of FATRA Vinyl (PVC) coatings for Bulgaria. 
Their team has many years of experience in the supply and installation of vinyl (PVC) flooring, and their work with Fatra products dates back more than 20 years on the Bulgarian market.

Vulcan Services is a licensed company by the Food Agency. There are contracts with companies, restaurants and sites throughout the country-COLLECTION, TRANSPORTATION AND DESTRUCTION (through its own mobile incinerators) of RU categories 1, 2 and 3.

"Fresh Cold" Ltd. offers complete solutions from the customer's idea to the commissioning of the finished installation. The whole process is fully compliant with the requirements of our customers.

Company Auto World Ltd. was founded in 1994 with the main activity of import and distribution of automotive accessories, auto parts, car cosmetics, motor oils and batteries.

Company with many years of experience in the field of translation and interpretation. Over the years of development and improvement, we have helped hundreds of customers overcome the language barrier in their business and personal communications.

Founded in 2006, the Arriva brand has managed to win numerous, loyal customers in a short time. And this is not accidental but the result of dedicated work, basic principles in its creation, and last but not least care and love, with which the team expresses its attitude to its customers.

Parquet Milanov is a leading Bulgarian company with many years of experience in the trade of parquet, wood flooring and articles. The company offers its customers materials - parquet, laminate, skirting boards, moldings; consumables - varnishes, adhesives, silicone and grouting pastes and other services.

MS-AUTORENT has been offering rent a car to its clients for over 20 years for business purposes, weddings, delegations, tourism, transfers on favorable terms for the client.

Zak Code is a specialized jewelry brand for lovers of real carbon, known as carbon fiber. It was created in 2018 by three enthusiasts Zori, Alexander and Christina. Girls love jewelry and we both give ideas for models, but Alex knows how to work with carbon and makes our ideas a reality. 

The team offers on-site consultations for buildings with construction problems. Renovate offers a wide range of activities covering the reinforcement, restoration and refurbishment of existing buildings. From design to implementation.

Nano Safe offers a unique treatment for surface disinfection. They can help you instantly and easily to provide you, your employees and customers with optimal protection for a period of one year . Let your business and personal premises and belongings be covered with our long-lasting surface protection against germs, viruses, mold and all
unwanted infections!

Welcome to the website of Frigo-Max Ltd., here is the place where you will always find up-to-date and useful information about the gneiss stone extracted in Ivaylovgrad. The company specializes in the extraction and trade of various types of stone cladding from natural gneiss stone and is a market leader in this segment.

The best CBD1 products can be purchased here.

All Marta Gabarda products are created with comfort and functionality in mind. From the cut to the choice of fabric. Thanks to their rich experience we can choose the best materials with an optimal ratio between price and quality. 

Receivables management, through redemption and out-of-court collection. We deal with all kinds of purchases, but mostly profitable. If we buy, we will pay immediately what we need. Without wasting time.

Located in the very center of Stara Zagora, offering excellent communications, the four-star boutique hotel "EFIR" is the ideal choice to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

In the children's party club "Tsvetenza Dianabad" the children touch the beauty and simplicity of the natural materials, as well as the original and creative games. The equipment and toys are made entirely of wood, stimulating the imagination and encouraging children's development. 

In mlstore you can find everything you need for your office.

True to the idea of providing people with energy-saving, environmental and time-saving solutions. In the process of the evolution of technology, people's lives are a continuous building of a higher standard, better health and a peaceful life.

Specialists from a registered accounting company for accounting services ZET FINANCE EOOD work for you at accountinganswer.bg. turn boring and cumbersome accounting procedures into online accounting.

Coaching, training and consulting.

 The company has a confectionery located at 12 Lyuben Karavelov Street, where you can order all products from the catalog of Campino Ltd. The staff is highly qualified and with many years of experience in the field of confectionery.

 FLUID FILM enjoys many enthusiastic users in industry, aviation, even space travel, among friends of old cars, water sports enthusiasts and members of the German Timing Society.

Where others see rust and corrosion, we see opportunities - whether it's your hobby, your small workshop or large industrial facilities.

We at Electric Touch will make your home smart! Thanks to us, you will manage your home around the world with just one

pressing a button via smartphone.

Your pet is important to us, so we will make sure to find the best food, toy, clothing, accessory so that you are satisfied

Dekotex 99 is a company for wholesale and retail of cables and electrical materials. He has more than 20 years of experience in this activity.

The first edition of the national architectural competition "Connected Spaces" lays the foundations for the creation of a prestigious annual award for architects and architectural studios from all over the country.

Pests are our concern

Bioequilibrium has a national coverage. We offer an individual solution to each problem, a safe and secure method to protect the health of you and your loved ones!

We at Electric Touch will make your home smart! Thanks to us, you will manage your home around the world with just one

pressing a button via smartphone.

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